John king chain 

  • Chain
    • Welded
    • Drop Forged
    • WHM
    • Metric & Standard
    • Many other styles
  • Sprockets 
  • Chain Swivel & Brackets
  • Fabrication

Drag Chain Systems

AM Manufacturing 

  • Load Out Systems

    • Open & Enclosed Loading Spouts
    • AirSlides
    • Valves
    • Diverters
  • Loading Spout Positioners
  • Aerated Bin Bottoms​

Beumer Overland Pipe & Curved Trough Conveyors

Entech Product

  • Turbo Air Cannons
  • Brelko Conveyor Products

Truck Unloading Systems

With a mass flow bin above, the Kamengo Feeder will meter material in a first-in, first-out flow pattern irrespective of the length of the storage. To achieve this, the Feeder draws evenly from the entire opening of the bin. A first-in, first-out flow pattern ensures that there are no stagnant pockets of material which can gain in strength and result in bridging in the storage bin above.


Unlike conventional alternatives, the Kamengo Feeder does not shear material out of the bin. This shearing action compacts the stored material, enabling it to gain in strength and hang up.

In contrast, the feeder uses gravity to its advantage to discharge material in a controlled manner. Further, because the Feeder does not put energy into shearing the material out of the bin, it is ideal for material such as pellets that require gentle handling.

Beumer Belt & Chain

​Bucket Elevators

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Delta Ducon

  • Pressure Conveying Systems
  • Vacuum Conveying Systems
  • Ash Handling Systems
  • Rotary Air Locks (Extreme Feeder Valves)
  • Material Handling & Storage
  • Dry Sorbent Injection Systems
  • Truck & Railing Loading & Unloading Systems
  • Perma/Flo & Spira/Flo Piping
  • Blower Packages for Pressure or Vacuum Systems
  • Ash Mixers

wtw americas

  • BinEx - Rotary Bin Discharger
  • PlanEx - Silo Discharger
  • Bunker Discharge Machine
  • Drag Chains & Chain Conveyor
  • Active Bottom Discharger
  • Silo Sweeping Augers
  • Truck Unloading Station
  • Trailer Docking Station

Jadco Manufacturing 

  • ChromeWeld Product Line
  • QT Plus - 2-3 times the wear of AR Plate
  • Fusion Weld Wire & Rods
  • FlexWear - "infiltration brazing" with Tungsten
  • RT 500 - A 500 BNH Wear Plate
  • CrusherGuard - Manganese castings

Hudco Industrial 

  • Transfer Chutes (WearSpan)
  • MistAir - Wet Dust Extractive System
  • Ceramic Liners
    • Fans
    • Elbows & Fuel Piping
    • Screws

Beumer Alternative

Fuel Handling Systems

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Tel: (205) 685-9477

2539 John Hawkins Pkwy

Hoover, AL 35244 US

Beumer Chain Pan Conveyors and

Belt Pan Conveyors

Bruks Siwertell

  • Stacker/Reclaimers
  • Truck Dumps
  • Shiploading & Unloading
  • Conveying
    • Belt Conveyors
    • Screw Conveyors
    • Stoker Floors
    • Conventional Idler Conveyors
    • Vibrating Conveyors
  • The Belt Conveyor - Air Supported 
  • Chipping & Screening
    • Butt Flare Reducer
    • Disc & Drum Chippers
    • Hammer Hogs & Mills

Beumer Group

  • Overland Pipe & Curved Troughed Conveyors
  • Apron/Pan Conveyors
  • Bucket Elevators
  • Alternative Fuels Handling

Olympic Wear

Replace Casting Parts for Pennsylvania Crushers

  • Hammers
  • Suspension Bars
  • Main Shaft
  • Suspension Arms
  • End Discs