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Vector Systems  

  • Flue Gas Conditioning Systems
  • Ammonia Process and Handling Systems
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Engineered gas path and industrial noise control support includes:

· Turnkey Gas Turbine Inlet and Exhaust Systems (New or Retrofit)
· Gas Turbine HRSG and SCR/CO System Noise Control
· Industrial Fan Inlet and Exhaust Silencer Systems
· Acoustical Equipment Enclosures (HRSG/Boiler House, Gas. Turbine, Skids, Fans, Ancillary)
· Inspections and Analysis (Steel Stack per ASCE, Acoustical Surveys, CFD Flow Modeling, Physical Flow Modeling, Structural, and Mechanical analysis)
· Power Plant EPC (Turnkey Acoustical Equipment Support)
Industries/Applications (use Icons?)
• Power Generation (Simple/Open Cycle, Combined Cycle, Cogen, SCR/CO, Coal/Boiler, Biomass)
• Industrial Process (Fertilizer, Cement, Agriculture, Chemical, Mining)
• Oil & Gas / Petrochemical – Upstream (FPSO, Platforms, Hydraulic Exploration), Midstream (Compressor Stations, Pipeline Transfer Station), and Downstream (Refinery, Processing)
• Test Cells and Specialty Facilities

PulseKraft, the latest premium power supply from KraftPowercon based on Micropulse technology for your electrostatic precipitators


  • SCR and SNCR Systems
  • SCR Maintenance (Inspections, testing, tuning, cleaning, etc.)
  • Ammonia Systems
  • Absorptive silencers
  • Vent silencers
  • Combination silencers
  • Reactive silencers
  • Acoustical panel systems
  • Acoustical lagging systems
  • Stacks and ductworK
  • Engineering and field support services
  • Field construction

Kraft Powercon

Centrifugal Fans

Southern Environmental  

  • Electrostatic Precipitators
    • New ESPs
    • Rebuild and Maintenance on ESPs
    • Parts 
  • Mechanical Installation - Turnkey Services
  • Maintenance Service

  • MicroKraft 4
  • MicroKraft III
  • NetKraft
  • Automatic Grounding Switch
  • High Voltage Field Switch

oakridge bellows 

  • Metal Expansion Joints​ and Bellows
  • HRSG Penetration Seals
  • Piping Expansion Joints

Clarage Fan 

  • Centrifigual Fans
  • Axial Fans
  • Multi-Clone Dust Collectors
  • On-Site Repairs
  • Spare Parts

flue gas solutions 

  • Fabric Expansion Joints​
  • Gas Turbine Expansion Joints​

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Mader Dampers 

  • Flue Gas Dampers
  • Butterfly Dampers
    Guillotine Dampers
    Single Bank Louver Dampers
     Slide Gate Dampers
    Double Bank Louver Dampers
    Flap Type Dampers
    Fan Inlet Vane Type Dampers
    Flow Diverter Dampers

  • Actuation Packages/Accesories
  • Spare Parts and Services

Entech Products

  • Air Cannon

Automatic Grounding Switch
The AGS is designed to quickly discharge the ESP. It shall be connected to the High Voltage Power Supply output.

twin city industrial fan

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  • Plug Fans
  • Centrifugal Roof Exhausters
  • Utility Set Fans
  • Propeller Wall Fans
  • Pressure Blowers
  • Mancoolers  

Gas Turbine Noise Solutions, Exhaust Systems, and Silencers (Simple Cycle Retrofits)

SVI DYNAMICS provides turnkey exhaust system support for any gas plant.  Capabilities include:

Exhaust system inspection to establish a preventative maintenance plan to keep the system available and safe
Repairs to perforated duct liners, solid liners, stack silencers, casing hot spots, expansion joints, plenums, diffusers and other components
Replacement of existing system components such as industrial turbine exhaust silencer systems and lined duct
Turnkey upgrades for exhaust systems redesigned to meet your thermal, aerodynamic and noise goals… GUARANTEED.

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SVI DYNAMICS, a division of SVI INDUSTRIAL, is a leading manufacturer of engineered gas path and industrial noise control solutions for power and process applications, including inlet and exhaust systems and silencers for gas turbines and fans. We leverage our extensive experience in industrial noise control and an industrial exhaust silencer manufacturing to be a leading turnkey supplier for all of your gas path support. We utilize our in-house engineering to design innovative solutions to meet your acoustic, aerodynamic, thermal and structural project goals. We have a diverse and scalable supplier network to deliver quality equipment globally, on time and within your budget.

Tel: (205) 685-9477


2539 John Hawkins Pkwy

Hoover, AL 35244 US

Axial Fans

AM Manufacturing

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  • Bin Vent Dust Collectors
  • Dust Collector Parts

Multi-Clone Dust