​​​​​​​​​American Air Filter - Gas Turbine Inlet Filtration Systems

AM Manufacturing – Load Out Spouts, Spout Positioners, Air Slide Conveyors and Slide Gates, Rotating Blade Gates, Nuisance Dust Collectors, Bulk Bagging Stations


Conveying & Loading - Bucket Elevators, Pan/Apron Conveyors, Truck and Rail Loadout Systems, ​Grinding Systems, Rotary Bin Discharge, Silo Bin Discharge, Drag Chains, Rotary Plows, Wagon Tippers,  Samson Truck Unloaders

BHI FW - (Previously Foster Wheeler) - Pulverized Coal Boilers, Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), Surface Condensers, Feedwater Heater, Deaerator, Spare Parts (pressure parts, drums, valves, etc.)

Bruks Siwertell - Stacker/Reclaimers, Chipping/Screening, Truck Dumpers, Mobile Conveying, Air Supported Belt Conveyors, Barge and Ship Unloaders

Brelko - Transfer Chute Sealing System, Conveyor Scrappers, Conveyor Impact Beds, Nip Guard Safety Device, Belt Tracking

Clarage - Centrifugal and Axial Heavy Duty Fans, Multi-Clone Dust Collectors

Delta Ducon - Pneumatic Handling Systems, Bulk Material Truck & Rail Unloading/Loading Systems, Rotary Airlocks/Feeders (Extreme Duty)

Entech Products - Fans, Dampers, Expansion Joints, Ductwork with Fan Balancing, Air & Gas Handling Maintenance and Installation Services

Extreme Wear Resistant Screws, Belt Conveyor Components and Wear Liners

3D Scanning

Effox-Flextor-Mader - Flue Gas Dampers​ and Expansion Joints. Installation Services

Flue Gas Solutions - Fabric Expansion Joints 

Hudco Industrial

Wearspan - Ceramic Panels, Transfer Chute Design, Chute Fabrication with Ceramic Liners

Wearline Engineered Ceramics - 92% Alumina Ceramics for Fuel Line Piping, Ceramic Elbows, Fan Liners, Cyclones, etc. Installation by epoxy, weldable or vacuum bonding.

Polymer Systems - Pulvawear, Hudco 4000/5000, Adhesives, Anti-adhesives,  Slick Stuff

MistAir - Dust Extraction System

Jadco Manufacturing - Wear Steel Solutions. ChromeWeld Product Line, Abrasion Resistance Plate and Fabrication

Kamengo - Bulk Material Feeders

Kraft Powercon - High Voltage Solutions for Electrostatic Precipitators. TR Sets and Controls 

Oakridge Bellows -Metal Bellow Expansion Joints,  HRSG Penetration Seals, Boiler Feed Pump Joints, GE Steam Turbine EJ, Thermal Oxidizer EJ, Dresser Rand Engine Exhaust Bellow, OEM Compressor EJ, Piping EJ, ETC.

Olympic Wear - CE Mill, United Conveyor, Allen-Sherman-Hoff and Pennsylvania Crusher Spare Parts

Power & Industrial

Engineered Products for Fuel Burning Systems - Low NOx Burners, OverFire Air Systems, Cyclone Performance Upgrades, Improved OEM Burner Replacement Parts, Coal Shut Off Valves, 

Engineered Products for Boilers & Ash - Boiler Access Doors, Pendent Tube Alignment, EUFlame Boiler Cameras, , Adjustable Orificing Valves & Riffles, Large Particle Ash Screens, Fly Ash Replacement Parts​

Power Support Services - Training, Outage Supervision, Technical Writing RFQ Support from Retired and Seasoned Experts in the fields of CE Coal Mills, Boilers, Fans, Etc.

Rentech - Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Waste Heat Boilers, Fired Package Water Tube Boilers, Specialty Boilers

Rebuild, Redesign & Rebuilding of Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Waste Heat Boilers, Fired Package Water Tube Boilers, Specialty Boilers

Southern Environmental  

Electrostatic Precipitators - Design & BuildRebuild or Upgrade of ESP,  Duct Work Design,  SEI/ELEX Electrode, ESP Components, ESP Maintenance & Spare Parts

Installation Services: A design build mechanical contractor specializing in industrial metal fabrication and erection since 1973. SEI does the fabrication and erection for Southern Environmental equipment and other OEM air pollution control equipment. 

SVI Industrial - Mechanical Services (Valve Repair, Welding & Machining); Gas Path Solutions (SCR Systems, Gas Turbine Exhaust Silencer Systems, Industrial Inlet and Exhaust Fan Silencers, Industrial Noise Control); Industrial Masonry; On-Site Services (Valve Repair, Speciality Welding & Machining, Field Construction, HRSG Maintenance & Construction)

Syn-Fab - High Temperature Cameras and Imaging Systems 

SEI Acoustic Pyrometers - Temperature Mapping Systems 

Valmet - Furnace Online Imaging Services, IR and Visual Camera Systems

Vector Systems - Ammonia Process and Handling Systems, Flue Gas Conditioning Systems

Tarsco Bolted Tanks - Epoxy Coated Bolted Steel Tanks and Installation

Twin City Industrial Fans and Blowers - Centrifugal Fan, Axial Fans, Mixed Flow, Inline, Plug Fans, Plenum Fans, Centrifugal Roof, Exhausters, Gravity Relief Vents, Utility Set Fans, Smoke & Heat Exhaust Fans, Propeller Wall Fans, Laboratory Fans, Pressure Blowers, Radial Bladed Fans, Mancoolers, Air Kits

Zeeco - Burners, Burner Management Systems, Scanners & Igniters

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