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SEI’s WESP is a continuously irrigated wet electrostatic precipitator designed to handle the maintenance rigors of sticky particulate and resist the corrosive nature of high acid mist.

Technical Advantages of SEI’s Membrane Wet ESP Design

  • Membranes are cleaned continuously – reducing frequency of flushing and WESP down time.
  • Membrane wicking action eliminates channeling and dry spots, Minimizing collection electrode build-up, and reducing annual maintenance costs and down time.
  • Membrane wicking action prevents deposits of concentrated corrosive components such as acid mist, and eliminates premature failure of collecting electrodes.
  • Membrane material is polypropylene, possessing excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Unit operates as a condensing WESP which reduces the steam plume density and fresh make-up water requirement.

SEI Ionastar Discharge Electrodes

  • SEI Ionastar Discharge Electrodes are a virtually unbreakable rigid mast electrode designed for optimum power input in SEI’s Membrane WESP.
  • Optimum Voltage-Current Characteristics
  • No Bending or Distortion
  • SEI’s Collecting Plates

SEI’s Membrane WESP utilizes a polypropylene fabric.  Experience has shown that this patented technology offers the best advantages in Wet ESP equipment to:

  • Minimizes excessive build up
  • Eliminate discharge electrode fouling
  • The fabric and water distribution design ensures constant cleaning so that the ESP offers thousands of hours of uninterrupted operation.

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