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Entech Products Corp. is a distributor & manufacturer’s representative firm that has been covering the Southeast since 2003. We cover Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida Pan Handle, South Carolina and Tennessee.

We strive to provide our customers with the best solutions for their projects with premium equipment through our partnerships with respectable manufacturers that offer the highest quality products and services.

Our vision is to be our customer’s first choice when it comes to their material handling, combustion and air pollution control needs. We believe this is accomplished through trust built on honesty and integrity. 

Entech Product Corp.

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Bulk Material Handling Systems:

  • ​Load Out Spouts, Spout Positioners 

  • Air Slide Conveyors and Slide Gates, Rotating Blade Gates

  • Nuisance Dust Collectors

  • Bulk Bagging Stations

  • Pipe & Curved Overland Conveyors

  • EuroSilo

  • Stacker/Reclaimers

  • Bucket Elevators and Pan/Apron Conveyors

  • Alternative Fuel Handling Systems

  • Truck and Rail Loadout Systems

  • Grinding Systems

  • Packaging & Palletizing - Stretching Hood Machines, Bag Loading Machines, Palletizing Systems

  • Chipping/Screening

  • Truck Dumpers & Truck Unloading Stations

  • Mobile Conveying

  • Barge and Ship Unloaders

  • Belt Conveyors - Traditional and Air Supported

  • Pneumatic Handling Systems, Bulk Material Truck & Rail Unloading/Loading Systems, Rotary Airlocks/Feeders (Extreme Duty) 

  • Welded, Forged, WHM, Metric / Standard and other types of Chain. Sprockets, Chain Swivels and Brackets

  • Wearspan - Ceramic Panels, Transfer Chute Design and Chute Fabrication

  • Wearline Engineered Ceramics - 96% Alumina Ceramics

  • Installation by epoxy, weldable or vacuum bonding.

  • Ceramic Polymer Systems

  • 100% Mechanical Dry Bottom Ash Removal Systems for Utility Boilers​ 

  • CE Mill, United Conveyor, Allen-Sherman-Hoff and Penn Crusher Spare Parts 

  • Epoxy Coated Bolted Steel Tanks and Installation

  • Rotary Bin Discharge, Bunker Discharge Machine, Swiping Augers, 

  • Drag Chains

  • ​Screw Conveyors

  • Air Cannons

  • Mass Flow Bulk Material Feeders

  • Coal Shut Off Valves

  • Industrial Masonry Linings and Tank Tile Repair Services 

  • Installation and Maintenance Services

Air / Gas Systems:

  • Centrifugal and Axial Heavy Duty Fans

  • Industrial Fans and Compressors

  • Multi-Clone Dust Collectors

  • Air Preheater, Condenser, Dust Collector, Evaporators and Recuperator Maintenance Services, Inspection and Replacement

  • Metallic Expansion Joints and Bellows for HRSG, Ductwork, Piping, Etc.

  • Fabric and Molded Expansion Joints for Flue Gas Ducts

  • Training, Outage Supervision, Technical Writing RFQ Support from Retired and Seasoned Experts in the fields of CE Coal Mills, Boilers, Fans, Etc.

  • Wet & Dry Electrostatic Precipitators - Design & BuildRebuild or Upgrade of ESP

  • Duct Work Design

  • SEI/ELEX Electrode, ESP Components, ESP Maintenance & Spare Parts

  • Baghouses, , Reagent Injection Parts, Baghouse Parts

  • SCR's

  • Industrial Noise Control 

  • Installation and Maintenance Services

Combustion & HRSG's:

  • Burners, Burner Managment Systems and Scanners & Igniters

  • High Temperature Cameras and Imaging Systems, Temperature Monitoring Systems​

  • Temperature Mapping Systems

  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Waste Heat Boilers, Fired Package Water Tube Boilers, Specialty Boilers

  • Rebuild, Redesign & Rebuilding of Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Waste Heat Boilers, Fired Package Water Tube Boilers, Specialty Boilers

  • Coal Low NOx Burners, OverFire Air Systems, Cyclone Performance Upgrades & OEM Burner Replacement Parts

  • Boiler and HRSG Doors

  • Gas Turbine Exhaust Silencers Systems 

  • Valve Repair / Replacement Services

  • HRSG Penetration Seals

  • HRSG Onsite Field Services

Would you like to have a lunch & learn on one of our principle company's or on a specific product? We can also send you a brochure and references as well. Please fill out the information below and we will get back with you within 24 hours. 

We look forward to hearing from you. Please let us know what you need!

Tel: (205) 685-9477

2539 John Hawkins Pkwy

Hoover, AL 35244 US

Steven Mathis, President

Covers Central / North Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee

Direct Phone: (205) 540-0141

Don Harris
Covers Gulf Coast Areas of Alabama, South Georgia, 

Florida Pan Handle, Mississippi and South Carolina

Direct Phone: (850) 982-9401


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