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 Functional & Structural Description

 The PlanEx is WTW's largest discharging system for use on large diameter silos with material storage capacities of up to 10,000 tons. The PlanEx finds

 applications where total mass flow of materials has been difficult in the past. In typical silos, normal material flow characteristics will rat-hole, reducing

 available inventory. The PlanEx has been applied in power, cement, gypsum board, waste-handling industries, and for other non-free flowing materials.

 Available for silo diameters from 5 to 12 meters. WTW can even retrofit your silo with a PlanEx.

 From a silo/bin (1) bulk material is conveyed via the discharge wheel (2) under the conical roof (3) to the discharge outlet (4). From here material is  

 transported by conveyors or road / rail vehicles.

 A rotating platform (5) supports the discharge wheel gearbox and associated drive system. This also provides access for maintenance purposes. The

 complete machine is housed within the conical roof, which is connected to the silo walls by means of 3 support arms (6). Personal can access the main

 drive systems through the support arm and out the Maintenance Port (7).


 Functional & Structural Description

 The BDM is a device for discharging difficult to handle bulk materials from bunkers, hoppers, bins, silos, stockpiles and dome type storages.  The arms of

 the Bunker Discharge machine rotate and reclaim bulk material from the bunker shelf onto a conveying system.  The Bunker Discharge Machine (1) travels

 automatically and self-propels through a tunnel (2). The material is conveyed along the arms by the rotation of the discharge wheel (3) and discharged

 along the bunker shelf (4) onto a gathering conveyor (5).

 WTW’s Bunker Discharge Machine is a device for discharging difficult to handle bulk materials from bunkers, hoppers, bins, silos, stockpiles and dome type


 The arms of the Bunker Discharge machine rotate and reclaim bulk material from the bunker shelf onto a conveying system.


 Chain Conveyors

 WTW's design and applications work with Drag Chains has produced the most reliable system available for its use in any industry. Our patented

 cleaning systems, rugged flights and pin arrangement ensure years of trouble free operations. With specific designs, sticky materials such as synthetic

 gypsum or sludge are easily conveyed. WTW drag chains even operate vertical. This provides the user an alternative to high maintenance bucket

 elevators.  Available in dust, gas or pressure tight designs, WTW Drag Chains are self cleaning systems.

 They can be used for: 

  • Conveying 
  • Distributing 
  • Feeding 
  • Extracting 
  • Dewatering 
  • Screening 
  • Cooling
  • Dosing - volumetric dosing by adjusting the 
  • material height
  • Regulating discharge gates - varying chain 
  • speed

 The BinEx is a silo discharge feeder which is:

  • capable of continuously discharging cohesive bulk materials having high moisture content. 
  • available in a range of sizes from 1.5 m to 6.0 m in diameter.
  • by varying the speed of the drive, you're able to control the discharge of the bulk material.
  • The discharge arm undercuts the silo wall eliminating any material buildup on the wall edges and is lined with wear resistant material.  
  • WTW uses a stainless steel liner on FGD Gypsum. 

 A C T I V E    B O T T O M   D I S C H A R G E R

 The WTW active bottom discharger will find applications as an alternative fuel feeder for all types of lighter density bulk materials such as woodchips,

 bark, sludge, shredded tires, contaminated sawdust, garbage or other material with combustible properties. Presently these active bottom

 dischargers are being used in the power and cement industries.
 Storing and discharging of cohesive, coarse, or blocking material can be realized. Based on material and customer requirements, any discharging

 from 1 to 300 m2/hour can be obtained.

  • BinEx - Rotary Bin Discharger
  • PlanEx - Silo Discharger
  • Bunker Discharge Machine
  • Drag Chains & Chain Conveyor
  • Active Bottom Discharger
  • Silo Sweeping Augers
  • Truck Unloading Station
  • Trailer Docking Station

 S W E E P I N G   A U G E R 
 Sweeping augers find application in bins and silos where lighter density material will not flow consistently due to varying moisture content. Woodchips,

 sawdust, shredded tires, industrial minerals, corn meal and other agricultural products are typical applications for this flexible bin reclaimer that can

 discharge up to 350 m3/h.

 T R U C K   U N L O A D I N G   S T A T I O N
 WTW's Truck Unloading Station (TUS) is designed to speed the unloading of materials into a processing facility, without the need for costly

 excavation and civil work.

 The TUS is a complete  unloading facility that is designed to receive bulk material from  trucks to 40 tons capacity. The TUS will then discharge at a

 controlled rate into an operating process or conveying system.

 Once the TUS  is started, acoustical or optical displays will advise the driver to start dumping. The driver may then leave the area and the TUS  will

 continue to feed the received material into the process. Special curtains on the TUS will assist with dust control when dumping is complete.