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Surface Protection 

For over 100 years, Koch Knight, LLC has been a global leader in corrosion proof systems and linings. We offer the engineering experience, specialized products and solution capabilities to protect your facility and operation from aggressive chemicals and other corrosive elements. Our specially formulated KNIGHT-WARE™ bricks, KNIGHT-GARD™ tiles, mortars, epoxy and laminate materials offer the greatest protection in corrosion and acid resistance. We provide multiple finishes, from slip-resistant texture to smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces, promoting safety and security in any traffic area. Koch Knight�s long history of corrosion proof systems extends past process equipment. With increased capabilities in manufacturing, experienced driven engineering, customer oriented service and broad range of products, we are a full service corrosion and chemical protection provider.

Our products and services are available worldwide through our global network of manufacturing and outsourcing facilities. We focus on providing responsive, customer-focused solutions for complex situations using the most advanced technology and materials.

Our goal is to offer clients a complete package of corrosion protection, from engineering, consultation, installation, implementation and supervision. We provide support and service after install completion to make sure you are protected. The services and materials we offer will not only help protect your facility and workers, but will help protect the environment and especially help to meet EPA and other government regulations.

FLEXERAMIC® Ceramic Structured Media 

Market leader in structured media with geometrically arranged corrugated sheets offering improved operation over saddle random media. Our proprietary media designs provide greater resistance to fouling than random or monolithic media.   

Why FLEXERAMIC® Ceramic Structured Media in an RTO Application?

  • Reduce Bed Depth
  • Minimize Plugging
  • Maximize Gas Distribution in the Bed
  • Increase Capacity in the Unit 
  • Reduce Fuel Costs
  • Lower Pressure Drop
  • Utilize Entire Bed Instead of a Fraction

KNIGHT-WARE™ Acid Proof Brick

Our KNIGHT-WARE® Fireclay Acid-Proof Brick sets the global standard in corrosion proof brick lining. We design and manufacture KNIGHT-WARE™ Fireclay Acid-Proof Brick in simple and complex geometric shapes, providing the most custom and adaptable shapes and sizes for today's market. Our brick manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce a lining custom designed to fir vessels in service today as well as those that may be in service in the future. All KNIGHT-WARE™ Fireclay Acid-Proof Brick are true refractory and will maintain their corrosion-resistant qualities in high temperature environments. Our bricks conform to ASTM 279C specifications and are available in various formulas, sizes and shapes to service multiple application designs.

KNIGHT-WARE® Fireclay Acid Proof Brick – True refractory and corrosion-resistant in high temperature environments.

Type II - Chemical resistant masonry for process vessel lining

P-II - Pressed
E-II - Extruded 

Type III - Pressed brick with low water and acid solubility.

AP302 - High alumina and density with strong abrasion resistance.
PV33P - Pressure vessel applications subject to thermal shock and spalling
WR - Abrasion resistant for agitating vessels which process acidic abrasive slurry
HD - High density porcelain with low porosity 

CORESITE™- Inorganic material with alkali-resistance within pH range of 5 to 14

CARBON - Metallurgical coke with high degree of chemical resistance provides excellent service when subjected to extreme thermal shock

GLASSROCK™ - Open cell-type, pure fused silica foam with high thermal insulation and shock properties

BEKAPLAST™ Lining Systems

Thermoplastic lining systems create a true monolithic barrier between the process environment and the concrete structure. Each lining sheet normally comes in 5 or 8mm thickness grades. One side of the plastic sheet provides a defined number of anchor studs creating a mechanical bond with the concrete structure. This form of positive interlock is capable of withstanding stresses caused by the different thermal expansions of concrete and plastic.

With the introduction of BEKAPLAST™ Lining Systems, a thermoplastic lining material, we have raised the bar on advanced lining systems for the surface protection and secondary containment market. For over 25 years this highly chemical resistant concrete-plastic bond has had continued success in worldwide applications and markets.

Broad temperature and thermal shock resistance 
Mechanical strength high impact and abrasion resistance 
Capability for bridging concrete cracks up to 2mm wide 
Ease of repair 
Withstand operating temperatures of 185°F 

Engineering & Installation Services

As a global leader in the corrosion protection industry, we offer clients a full service package which ranges from complex projects to simple reline installations all over the world. From our professional engineers, manufacturing and shop-line facilities, experienced project managers and veteran field installers, Koch Knight provides process evaluation, custom engineering and design, manufacturing, construction management and field installation allowing you to focus on running your profitable business. We make sure that our work is right by offering routine inspections and service for not only our equipment, but even for competitive equipment. Koch Knight is your single source for non-metallic corrosion resistant process vessels, box and tanks, internals and surface protection. We continually expand our expertise by progressively entering new markets and developing innovative equipment systems to meet customer demands and expectations.


Decades of full design and engineering experience in anti-corrosion process equipment for chemical and sulfuric acid processing, hydrometallurgical, environmental and flue gas markets.

Specialize in custom design process equipment:

  • Steel shell
  • Membrane lining
  • Brick Lining 
  • Packing Support
  • Packing
  • Distributor
  • Mist Elimination

Tower Internals

Liquid Distributor- Koch Knight, LLC high efficiency design provides a 50%+ open area trough type design with 4+ feed point per square foot offering better distribution of the acid over lower feed point designs. The feed points are also directed feed into the top of the bed via drip tubes to reduce entrained acid loading to the mist eliminators.

Our High Efficiency Acid Distributor is a result of the knowledge developed by the Koch-Glitsch Inc. organization over their decades of involvement in mass transfer operations. Similar designs have a history of success in a number of mass transfer operations. The high performance FLEXERAMIC® Ceramic Tower Packing is further enhanced by the use of this type of liquid distributor as packing depth is not needed to further radially distribute the initial acid loading.


  • KNIGHT-WARE® Ceramic
  • PERMANITE® Fiber Reinforced Furan
  • Graphite 
  • Fiberglass Reinforced
  • Thermoplastics