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​​​​​AM Manufacturing – Load Out Spouts, Spout Positioners, Air Slide Conveyors and Slide Gates, Rotating Blade Gates, Nuisance Dust Collectors, Bulk Bagging Stations

Beumer Group 

Conveying & Loading - Pipe & Curved Overland Conveyors, EuroSilo, Coal & Ash System (balance of plant), Stacker/Reclaimers, Bucket Elevators, Pan/Apron Conveyors, Alternative Fuel Handling Systems, Truck and Rail Loadout Systems, ​Grinding Systems

Packaging & Palletizing - Stretching Hood Machines, Bag Loading Machines, Palletizing Systems

Bruks Rockwood - Stacker/Reclaimers, Chipping/Screening, Truck Dumpers, Mobile Conveying, Air Supported Belt Conveyors

Flue Gas Solutions - Fabric Expansion Joints and Metal Expansion Joints for Ducts

Damper Technology LLC - Flue Gas Dampers

Entech Products - Turbo Air Cannons

Hudco Industrial

Wearspan - Ceramic Panels, Transfer Chute Design, Chute Fabrication with Ceramic Liners

Wearline Engineered Ceramics - 92% Alumina Ceramics for Fuel Line Piping, Ceramic Elbows, Fan Liners, Cyclones, etc. Installation by epoxy, weldable or vacuum bonding.

Polymer Systems - Pulvawear, Hudco 4000/5000, Adhesives, Anti-adhesives,  Slick Stuff

MistAir - Dust Extraction System

Koch Knight  - Acid Proof Protection, Surface Protection, Structured & Random Ceramic Packing, Liquid Distributor Tower Internals

Magaldi Power - 100% Mechanical Dry Bottom Ash Removal Systems for Utility Boilers

Olympic Wear - CE Mill, United Conveyor, Allen-Sherman-Hoff and Pennsylvania Crusher Spare Parts

Power & Industrial

Engineered Products for Fuel Burning Systems - Low NOx Burners, OverFire Air Systems, Cyclone Performance Upgrades, Improved OEM Burner Replacement Parts, Coal Shut Off Valves, EUTech Coalsizer Coal Fineness System, Eastern Instruments VAP3/PA Pitots & High Beta Flow Conditioning

Engineered Products for Boilers & Ash - Boiler Access Doors, Pendent Tube Alignment, EUFlame Boiler Cameras, , Adjustable Orificing Valves & Riffles, Large Particle Ash Screens, Fly Ash Replacement Parts

MATS Services - Coal Fuel Burning Systems, Coal Fineness Testing, Burner Inspection, Overfire Air Port Inspection, Cyclone Inspections, Damper & Register Calibration, Flame Pattern, Optimization, Pulverizer Performance, Air Heater Performance, Relative Accuracy Test Audits (RATA) for Coal & Gas Fired Units, O2 Probe Calibration

Southern Environmental  

Wet & Dry Electrostatic Precipitators - Design & BuildRebuild or Upgrade of ESP,  Duct Work Design,  SEI/ELEX Electrode, ESP Components, ESP Maintenance & Spare Parts

Baghouses, , Reagent Injection Parts, Baghouse Parts 

Installation Services: A design build mechanical contractor specializing in industrial metal fabrication and erection since 1973. SEI does the fabrication and erection for Southern Environmental equipment and other OEM air pollution control equipment. 

Turner EnviroLogic - ​SCR Systems & Retrofits, Scrubbers (Orifice, Ventri, Packed Bed), Cyclones, Exhaust Stacks, CEM Systems 

WTW Americas - BinEx (Rotary Bin Discharge), PlanEx (Silo Bin Discharge), Drag Chains, Bunker Discharge Machine, Swiping Augers, Activated Bin Discharge, Truck Unloading Stations

Zeeco - Burners, Flares, Incinerators & Thermal Oxidizers, Combustion Rentals, Vapor Control and Scanners & Igniters