Chanute has manufactured HRSG pressure part modules for over thirty years. Our experience covers every size, circulation (forced or natural) and design found in the industry. We support OEMs in the domestic market and supply replacement components to combined cycle operators. Chanute Manufacturing is the only domestic fabricator with on site finned tube production. This allows 100% pressure part fabrication to be performed at one facility providing greater project control and shorter cycle times.

HRSG Coils & Modules


 Chanute Tubular Services incorporates all of the manufacturing capabilities and expertise of the Chanute Manufacturing plant, plus the tubular

 processing equipment necessary to provide components and assemblies ranging from individual bent tubes to complete replacement coils.

 Capabilities include tube bending, hot-bending for tight radius bends, weld overlay, and finning capabilities that include spiral and solid fin

 configurations. Chanute has a dedicated header fabrication shop equipped with TIG, FCAW, and Subarc welding stations and CNC prep equipment for

 branch connections and tubefield drilling/machining. Chanute also stocks a large inventory of loose tubes ready for quick delivery.

Chanute has fabricated a wide variety of superheater, reheater and economizer headers and manifolds for solid fuel steam generators. Chanute has supplied hundreds of headers ranging up to 38” diameter and over 5” thick, and has supplied them to some of the country’s largest, flagship plants including 1300 MW supercritical units with design pressures up to 4160 psi. Headers can be designed in multiple segments or as full length depending upon installation access.

Chanute has unmatched experience fabricating HRSG headers and manifolds. We have manufactured every type of HRSG pressure part from reheater to feedwater heater.

HRSG Casing & Ductwork

Chanute has provided superheater, reheater and economizer elements for nearly every size and type of fossil fuel fired steam generator. From single in-kind elements tocompletely reengineered assemblies, Chanute has the capability and experience that utilities expect. [superheater pendant]  Elements are routinely manufactured with tube shielding or weld overlay in the soot blower erosion areas, dissimilar metal transitions (EPRI DMW’s) or dissimilar tube diameter transitions and ultra tight radius bending. Chanute excels at incorporating manifolds, bottle headers and multiple assembly modules to simplify installation and minimize field labor.

  • Utility Boiler Aftermarket
    • Tubular Elements & Pendants
    • Superheater Elements
    • Generating Banks
    • Reheater Elements
    • Headers
    • Economizers (bare, finned and spiral finned)
    • Spiral Fintubes
    • Finned Tubes
    • Tube Swaging
    • Tube Membrane Panels & Openings
  • HRSG Boiler Systems & Components
    • Inlet Ducting
    • Finned Tubing
    • Pressure Part Modules / Coils
    • Headers
    • Casing
    • HP, IP & LP Drums
    • SCR / CO Catalyst Housing & Frames
  • Materials, Fabrication & Testing
    • Extensive fabrication experience in high Chrome and Alloy materials T-91; T-23; T-11; T-22; Stainless; Inconel; Hastalloy.
    • Code Stamps & Qualifications include “R”; “S”; “PP”; “U” certification.
    • On-site capabilities for heat treatment, radiography, and hydro testing.
    • Customer inventory of materials program to support fast track fabrication and delivery.

Tubular Elements and Pendants

One of four 30" diameter x 2" thick x 82' long SA335P22 headers supplied to a southwestern utility

Superheater elements for 500 MW coal-fired utility boiler

Chanute has manufactured HRSG casing and inlet ducting for over thirty years. Our experience covers every type of internally insulated, floating liner design found in the industry. We support OEMs in the domestic market and supply replacement components to combined cycle operators. Our heavy steel fabrication capability combined with our product knowledge makes Chanute uniquely qualified. We understand the interface between pressure parts and the structure, thermal expansion considerations and gas baffle design.

Utility Boilers & HrSg Headers

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3-bank Economizer consisting of 1,140 elements for a 1300 MW supercritical utility boiler